Our Search Process

Brief and Acknowledgement:

Every search begins with an initial briefing from the client during which the key parameters of the search are agreed and documented.

Whilst working in close collaboration with key contacts on the clients side to gain a clear understanding of the company including its sector positioning, market standing and competitive environment, we determine the nature, duties and competencies required for the position the company seeks and to fill.

Requirements and Candidate Profile:

Before coming to the search stage, we define critical position requirements and a candidate profile based on a brief received from the client. In order for us to assure the right job-fit and a positive outcome for the search, everything depends on clearly identifying the critical skills, abilities, and competencies, both "hard" and "soft", that the ideal candidate must possess. This step is particularly crucial when we are conducting multiple search assignments.

Source, Search and Evaluate:

Using every means at our disposal, we establish contact with prospective candidates. This includes direct contact by telephone, email and regular mail with identified prospects and referral sources.

Our search process expertise and extensive resources allow us to select candidates who meet the qualifications for the post and will add value to the client company. Our search process includes:

  • Searching suitable candidates from our database
  • Conducting executive search in the market
  • Online-offline networking and referrals
  • Advertising  in the press
  • Internet advertising

Using behavioral and performance-based assessments, our recruiters evaluate candidates based on job skills and necessary experience. They utilize structured retention-variable and social intelligence assessments to ensure that top candidates have both the sticking power and people skills necessary to leverage and sustain their abilities in client organizations.  A candidate pool, which includes the top 10% of qualified candidates, is the final result of our evaluation process.


We inform the client about the market’s reaction we receive from the candidates position so as to investigate alternative recruitment approaches and tactics if necessary.

Reference Checks:

Before a shortlist is ever presented to the client, candidates undergo a thorough vetting that includes an extensive check of references provided by the candidate and third-party investigation using our own contacts.

Candidate Presentations and Negotiations:

Our clients receive an extensive, detailed and confidential profile of every short-listed candidate. After the client has reviewed the profiles, interviews are arranged with the candidates the client has selected.  We work to ensure that negotiations go smoothly and serve as a helpful intermediary in the sensitive process of hiring negotiations.

When the client is ready to make an offer to a selected candidate, we will advise the client on the compensation package. Thus, we will assist in positioning the opportunity to appeal to the aspirations and desires of the individual. We will also manage the expectations of the candidate so that he or she will accept the offer with minimal hesitation.


Royal maintains close relations with both the client and the candidate to help resolve any issues that may arise. Our dedication to our clients interests assure that the best possible results are achieved. Ensuring that the chosen candidate or candidates are successfully integrated into the clients company and contribute to its success is our top priority. Royal’s commitment to long-term relationships and our client satisfaction principles are two main reasons why Royal clients are repeat customers who make our professional recruitment expertise a central part of their human resources strategy.


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